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Firefly Candles & Gifts

Family-owned enterprise

launched in 2014 by eight year old Clark and his mother, Tarsha.

The name and concept was conceived by Clark.  Working together, Tarsha and Clark have created a wonderful business together, along with the perfect candle.  
FireFly candle.

FireFly's mission is to capture the magic and warmth of our fondest memories in a jar.  Fireflies light up the night, let us light up you homes with FireFly Candles.

Why FireFly candles?

We are committed to quality and customer service. Our triple-scented candles consist of 100% natural, non-toxic and renewable soy and essential oils which means they are highly fragrant, last longer and burn cleaner, ensuring that you and your family will enjoy our frangrances over the entire life of your purchase.  We offer more than 25 beautifully hand-poured scents all in 10 ounce jars.

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